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Hatoyama Cabinet E-mail Magazine No. 14 (January 15, 2010)

Yukio Hatoyama's "Yu-Ai" -- Message from the Prime Minister
(Provisional Translation)

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"Six challenges for the future"

Following the resignation of Minister of Finance Hirohisa Fujii, I have rearranged some of the posts of the Cabinet members.

At his inaugural press conference, Deputy Prime Minister Naoto Kan, whom I have named the new Minister of Finance, stated his goals of achieving a transparent budget execution and reviewing the overall budget, including special-purpose budget accounts. He said, "The minister is not a representative of the ministry, but of the people." That is it exactly.

I have great expectations that Deputy Prime Minister Kan will fully display his ability and push policies forward as a representative of the people.

Along with this change, I have asked Minister of State for Government Revitalization Yoshito Sengoku and Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology Tatsuo Kawabata to concurrently serve as Minister of State for National Policy and Minister of State for Science and Technology Policy, posts previously held by Deputy Prime Minister Kan, respectively.

The Hatoyama Cabinet will work for the people of Japan under this richer and stronger structure.

Now, one of the new challenges that the Hatoyama Cabinet will take on is the issue of global warming, an issue that concerns all mankind.

At the United Nations Summit on Climate Change last September, I announced Japan's target of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2020 if compared to the 1990 level, premised on the participation of all major emitters, and called for active efforts by all nations.

To achieve this target, we must fully mobilize our policies. I would like for the government and the people to join hands or, rather, for the people to take initiative and join the circle of effort for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Looking at Japan's CO2 emissions by industry in fiscal 2008, the industrial sector has reduced emissions by 13% when compared to fiscal 1990. However, in the commercial, service, and business establishment sector and the household sector, which account for a third of the total amount of emissions, the figures have risen greatly, by 41.3% and 34.7%, respectively.

In these two sectors, action on the part of each and every one of the people is vital.

Based on this thought, we held a kick-off event in the morning of January 14 for the Challenge 25 Campaign, a national movement for the prevention of global warming.

The captain of the team of supporters for this campaign is actor and singer Mr. Yuzo Kayama. People active in their respective circles are participating as supporters of this campaign.

Captain Yuzo Kayama displayed his strong determination, saying, "We make a fresh start today. I want everyone to join hands for the sake of our children and future generations."

The campaign calls for the people to take on the following six challenges.

1) To choose an environment-friendly lifestyle
2) To choose energy-saving products
3) To choose natural energies
4) To choose environment-friendly buildings and houses
5) To support activities that lead to the reduction of CO2 emissions
6) To participate in community activities to prevent global warming

First, we should start by doing what we can in our daily lives. By expanding our individual activities from the home to the office and community, and from Japan to the world, we can change the future.

Together, let us take that first step.

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