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Hatoyama Cabinet E-mail Magazine No.19 (February 19, 2010)

Yukio Hatoyama's "Yu-Ai" -- Message from the Prime Minister
(Provisional Translation)

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"The first question time"

"A so-called question time, which the people of Japan have long been waiting for, starts today. I want the people to hear the Prime Minister's own words. With that in mind I would like to ask my questions."

These are the words I opened with as the first questioner to the late Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi at the first Prime Minister's question time (party leaders' debate) in the history of the Japanese Diet held on November 10, 1999.

Yesterday, I had my first question time as Prime Minister. I am eager to have the people of Japan hear our principles and policies. This has not changed at all, not even after 10 years or now that I am in a different position.

For the sake of the people, we must change the way politics and government work. To this end, it is necessary to deepen discussion on policies regardless of whether you are in the ruling party or not.

Because the opposition parties lead the questions, however, I had to spend most of my time answering questions directed at me personally. This was truly regrettable and unfortunate. I did my best to answer sincerely.

I really would have liked to discuss how to protect people's lives and how to revitalize the economy.

I hope to make the next question time one in which our desire to make this country better will come through.

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