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[09/03/2009] No.44:Politics will continue
[08/13 - 27/2009] No.43:Safeguarding the nation, and safeguarding peace
[08/06/2009] No.42:Let us seriously consider the future of Japan
[07/30/2009] No.41:Be Prepared
[07/23/2009] No.40:Dissolution of the House of Representatives -- seeking to bring about economic revival and a society which provides peace of mind to its members
[07/16/2009] No.39:A time of decision
[07/09/2009] No.38:At the G8 L'Aquila Summit
[07/02/2009] No.37:Aiming for the safety and prosperity of the nation and the people
[06/25/2009] No.36:Reassurance, vitality, and responsibility
[06/18/2009] No.35:An Agency for Consumer Affairs that gives life to the thoughts of victims
[06/11/2009] No.34:The generation that saved the future
[06/04/2009] No.33:Ensuring the steps toward economic recovery
[05/28/2009] No.32:A grave challenge to the international community
[05/21/2009] No.31:Preventing the spread of infection
[05/14/2009] No.30:Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries are growth industries
[04/30 - 05/07/2009] No.29:Safety and peace of mind for the people
[04/23/2009] No.28:Leading the world in the low-carbon emission revolution
[04/16/2009] No.27:The international community stands united
[04/09/2009] No.26:Stern response to violation of rules by North Korea
[04/02/2009] No.25:Policy mobilization for peace of mind and vitality
[03/26/2009] No.24:Supporting the realization of dreams
[03/19/2009] No.23:Protecting life and property
[03/12/2009] No.22:Readers' questions
[03/05/2009] No.21:A letter from a young girl
[02/26/2009] No.20:Cornerstone of peace and prosperity
[02/19/2009] No.19:An encounter with service dogs
[02/12/2009] No.18:The essence of nation-building lies in human resources development.
[02/05/2009] No.17:I will eradicate the intermediation for bureaucrats' "amakudari" and "watari."
[01/29/2009] No.16:Flowers to blossom in the spring
[01/22/2009] No.15:Mission and responsibility
[01/15/2009] No.14:To all new adults
[01/08/2009] No.13:"Peace of mind" and "vitality"
[12/25/2008 - 01/01/2009] No.12:A bold, action-oriented budget to defend people's daily lives
[12/18/2008] No.11:Emergency measures to defend people's daily lives
[12/11/2008] No.10:What we must safeguard
[12/04/2008] No.9:Pride
[11/27/2008] No.8:A circle of harmony
[11/20/2008] No.7:Japan's leadership
[11/13/2008] No.6:Getting out and about to take stock of realities
[11/06/2008] No.5:Measures to Counter Difficulties in People's Daily Lives
[10/30/2008] No.4:Once in a century
[10/23/2008] No.3:To make a start, see things first hand
[10/16/2008] No.2:Focusing on policy
[10/09/2008] Inauguration Issue:Japan's latent power
[10/02/2008] Inaugural Preparatory Issue:Be Strong and Bright.

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