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[06/04/2010] No. 33:Toward a New Japan
[05/28/2010] No. 32:Security of Japan and East Asia
[05/21/2010] No. 31:Making all-out efforts for measures against foot-and-mouth disease
[05/14/2010] No. 30:Sharing the burden
[04/30 - 05/07/2010] No. 29:To not let history fade
[04/23/2010] No. 28:So that the people can feel the change of government
[04/16/2010] No. 27:Preparing against the threat of nuclear terrorism
[04/09/2010] No. 26:Learning innovative measures from the regions
[04/02/2010] No. 25:A year to open our future
[03/26/2010] No. 24:A new start
[03/19/2010] No. 23:Further strengthening the review of government programs
[03/12/2010] No. 22:Environment -- from the home to the region
[03/05/2010] No. 21:Earthquake and tsunami measures
[02/26/2010] No. 20:A society where people support each other
[02/19/2010] No. 19:The first question time
[02/12/2010] No. 18:The pride of Japan
[02/05/2010] No. 17:A new public commons
[01/29/2010] No. 16:Visiting the regions
[01/22/2010] No. 15:The start of the ordinary Diet session
[01/15/2010] No. 14:Six challenges for the future
[01/08/2010] No. 13:A crucial year
[12/25/2009 - 01/01/2010] No. 12:The 100th day of the new government
[12/18/2009] No. 11:My feelings toward Futenma
[12/11/2009] No. 10:Emergency Economic Countermeasures for Future Growth and Security
[12/04/2009] No. 9:Dealing swiftly with the Japanese economy
[11/27/2009] No. 8:Farewell to the fetters of the past
[11/20/2009] No. 7:An unwavering relationship of trust
[11/13/2009] No. 6:Trust and ties with the Mekong region countries
[11/10/2009] No. 5:Aiming for a strong Japan-US relationship
[11/04/2009] No. 4:Creating a new nation
[10/23/2009] No. 3:From concrete to people, people, people
[10/16/2009] No. 2:Tenth anniversary of Japan-China-ROK cooperation
[10/09/2009] Inauguration Issue:Challenge the limit
[10/01/2009] Inaugural Preparatory Issue:To make history

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